Designing for the Factory and the Laboratory

If you have a desire for constructing a factory/lab., we can give you professional advice and consultation, also we can supply first-rate industrial expertise and advanced equipment, the only thing you need to do is answer the 20 questions below.

List of original documents supplied from Investors
  1. The approved file against this project from local Government/managing dept.
  2. New plant area drawing supplied from City Planning Dept.
  3. 1:500 drawing of new plant or the total plate drawing of new plant.
  4. The history, instruction and developing status of old factory.
  5. List of total equipment (type, specifications, qty., capacity, value..) of old factory.
  6. How to deal the old equipment and what do you want to do in new plant?.
  7. The instructions of total old constructions/buildings.
  8. The last annual finance report of old factory.
  9. Desiring productĄŻs name, annual capacity, specifications ...for new plant
  10. Total materialsĄŻ demands and transportation amount in old factory in last year... .
  11. Pollution treatment: local releasing standard against waste air/water/dust, surroundings valued report against old factory.
  12. What are the new thoughts in new plant. New technical process, new increased equipment, and new technology.
  13. The product' drawings, technical files and daily capacity of main products in new factory.
  14. List of all inter-purchasing parts and relationship with old/new plant.
  15. Comparing status of main products: market, characteristics, standard.
  16. Economic document: the main productĄŻ price, cost compose and material price.
  17. There are some special rules from local Government/managing dept. Against this project.
  18. Utility facility: the instruction of water, electricity& air/steam; their position/direction in new plant, increasing the capacity or not? Approved?
  19. Increasing the land or not? Approved?
  20. The documents of Local topography and atmosphere/weather.


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