OLTECH? GROUP is a Hi-Tech Group Corporation specially established for the development, production and marketing of lead batteries , of their manufacturing equipment, of their raw materials and of their appliance system; There are three companies, Nanjing VOLT Technology Company Limited majoring in batteries technology, raw materials, appliance system and exporting business, Nanjing VOLTECH Equipment Company Limited majoring in the battery manufacturing equipment and Chongqing VOLTECH Battery Company Limited majoring in all series of lead batteries products. Based on the researches of the principle and the application, the company aimed at market requirements, has developed 1)internationally advanced formulating technology of ultra-low Sb-Pb alloy, which used for the batteries of MF, of VRLA and of EV system; 2) Manufacturing equipment for VRLA batteries, such as Fully or Semi Automatic Industrial COS Machine, Lug Cutter and Brasher, AGM Stacker. Dual Pasting Machine, etc. 3)EVS' batteries, special for Electric Bus and Electric Bikes.

It has excellent performance in Arabian markets. It exported annually not less than USD 6 million.

We endeavor for the better, always challenge the No.1 worldwide vs Quality & Price!.

Hope to cooperate with all the friends around the world to meet the challenges and grasp chances of lead battery industry in the new millennia.

You, Either Users or Manufacturers, would be got great benefit from us. Welcome to visit our land!

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Head office: PO Box 1631,Nanjing 210016, PR CHINA, http://www.voltbattery.com+86 25 4804190, 4840118; 4828479/FAX, Business@voltbattery.com

Cairo office: Mr. Mounir El Sobky, International Foreign Trade Organizations (IFTO) (IFTO), 197 Aloruba Road, PO Box 1383 Ataba, Cairo, EGYPT. TEL:+20 (0)2 3906074, FAX:+20 (0)2 3906061

Istanbul office: Mr. Zeki Saricam, ATA SARICAM, Imas Sanayi Sitesi E Blok 501, Sokak No. 25, Dudullu, Istanbul, TURKEY. Tel.: +90 216 314 3636, 364 3227/Fax. Sales@saricam.com


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